About Us

SIZECONTROL was started by Mr Ashok Durve, a first generation entrepreneur in 1978, after acquiring gauge manufacturing and designing training at Horstmann Gear Co, Bath, U.K. and fifteen years experience in gauge manufacturing. SIZECONTROL had a modest beginning, but received market acceptance due to excellent product quality. Gradually, SIZECONTROL established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of the thread, plug and ring gauges. SIZECONTROL is ISO 9001 certified company and holds authorization from American Petroleum Institute for the manufacture of gauges as per API 5-B and API 7-2 standards SIZECONTROL has many achievements like:

  • State of art machinery like Matrix UK make CNC thread grinding machines for unfailing quality of products
  • Authorization to use ‘API’ monogram - an international approval of our quality
  • ISO 17025 certified calibration lab with state-of-art of inspection facilities and accurate temperature control
  • Calibration lab approved by India’s premier approval agency NABL
  • Capability to provide custom-specific solutions for multi-gauging applications
  • Ability to adapt various manufacturing standards and metallurgies for gauging solutions
  • Acceptance in international markets

Management Team

Ashok Durve - Size control

Ashok Durve

Chairman and Managing Director

Ashok Durve is a widely acknowledged authority on gauges. He is on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) committee for gauges. His expertise is sought over by many companies in India and abroad. He is well travelled all over the world and set business ties.

Atul Durve - Size Control

Atul Durve


Atul Durve is a mechanical engineer by profession, and has over twenty years experience. He is the member of the BIS committee for gauges. He looks after international sales and Plant 2 operations, which included custom-built multi-gauging solutions, and electronic and pneumatic gauging instruments

 Amit Durve - SizeControl

Amit Durve


Amit Durve is a mechanical engineer by profession and looks after the operations and marketing of plant 1 at Ahmednagar. This plant manufactures various types of thread gauges like API, ACME, Buttress as well as special custom-built gauges.