API Gauges

SIZECONTROL is licensed by American Petroleum Institute to manufacture API to sepc Q1, API 5-B and API 7-2. We manufacture plug and ring gauges at our Ahmednagar plant in a wide range of sizes as under.

API (American Petroleum Institute) Thread Gauges – Working Gauges,Reference Master Gauges,

  • API Specification 5B
    • 8 Round Casing Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Short Thread Casing (STC)
      • Long Thread Casing (LTC)
    • Line Pipe Plug & Ring Gauges
    • 8 Round & 10 Round Tubing Plug & Ring Gauges
      • External-Upset Tubing (EUT) (EUE)
      • Non-Upset Tubing (NUT) (NUE)
    • Buttress Casing Plug & Ring Gauges
    • Extreme Line Casing Plug & Ring Gauges
  • API Specification 7-2
    • Preferred Connections
      • Regular Rotary (REG) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Numbered Connection (NC) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Full Hole (FH) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Internal Flush (IF) Plug & Ring Gauges
    • Line Pipe Plug & Ring Gauges
    • Non-Preferred Connections
      • American Open Hole (AOH) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • PAC Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Hughes Slim Hole (SH) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Hughes Xtra Hole (XH) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Hughes H-90 (H-90) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Hughes Slimline H-90 (SL H90) Plug & Ring Gauges
      • Hughes External Flush (HEF) Plug & Ring Gauges
  • Misc. Connections
    • Mod. ACME & Mod. Square Plug & Ring Gauges
    • Special premium threads made specifically to customer requirements.

SIZECONTROL also manufactures thread profile gauges, lead setting standards and thread height setting standards for many of the most popular connections.

SIZECONTROL manufactures all of its gauges to meet the API specifications using the latest manufacturing and inspection technology available. All API working guages are manufactured using API certified reference master guages in accordance with the latest specifications, ensuring complete interchangeability and conformance with the specifications.

SIZECONTROL laboratory has a set of Reference Master to provide calibration services for API Working gauges.