Quality Assurance at SIZECONTROL

Unfaltering quality and precision are the hallmarks of any gauge manufacturer. SIZECONTROL takes pride in maintaining quality and precision in all the products manufactured for over 40 years

Our Quality Policy

- We constantly strive to design and manufacture top quality products and offer services to customers and meet their technical expectations.
- We perceive quality as conformance to international quality standards and aim at zero tolerance.
- Our team’s motto is to maintain highest level of customer satisfaction for each order.

We aim to achieve this by:-

  • Understanding our customers and their technical requirements through close co-ordination
  • Update knowledge and skill levels of our staff and workers through planned and pertinent training and skill upgradation programmes
  • Honour internal and external suggestions on quality and methods
  • Ensuring traceability in quality control at each level of production
  • Offering technical advice and expertise based on our knowledge and experience of gauges to help our customers in skills upgradation

How we ensure quality

Material with traceability Standard metallurgy: O1 grade Tungsten quality Oil hardening tool steel
Heat treatment: Through hardening and tempering and sub-zero treatment
Hardness: RC 58-61

Temperature control and Traceability All our gauges go through final inspection in a temperature controlled (20° ± 0.5°C) standards room. All master gauges are fully traceable to a registered national or international standards like NIST (USA) and NIM (China).


SIZECONTROL has ISO 17025 certified laboratory with precise humidity and temperature control (20° ± 0.5°C) to ensure accuracy. This lab is equipped with

  • Length measuring machine – range 0-1000 mm resolution 0.1 µm Make – Trimos (Switzerland) Model Horizontal Premium 1000
  • Contour measuring machine Range – X- axis: 0- 100 mm Y-axis: 0-50 mm Resolution: 0.1µm Make Carl Zeiss Model: Countourecord 1710 SD3
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine Range X-axis: 0-700 mm; Y-axis: 0-700mm Z-axis: 0-600 mm Resolution: 0.1 µm Make Carl Zeiss Model: CONTURA G2 7/7/6 Vast XT
  • Carl Zeiss universal thread measuring machine