Air Gauging Instruments, Display Units, Multi-gauging Stations

We manufacture air gauging instruments, LCD display units, and custom-built PC based multi-gauging stations at our Pune unit.These units are a boost for productivity, while ensuring measurement accuracy,

CMM Probes

We can offer any type and size of probes suitable for any Co-ordinate Measuring Machine. These can be supplied with ball made from ruby or tungsten carbide in the size range 0.620 mm to 6.00 mm

CMM Probes

Eccentric probes

Used for 2D height gauges. Available in ruby and tungsten carbide in size range 1 mm to 6 mm

Eccentric Probes

Tooling sphere (Tooling ball)

These are used in fixtures to check the high accuracy of the components. The accuracy of the tooling balls is 0.001 mm. We can supply any type of ball anvils used in higher end calibrating equipments and fixtures. Tooling balls can be supplied with hardened steel or tungsten carbide balls in the size range 3 mm to 30 mm

CMM Tooling Sphere


SIZECONTROL offers calibration service for any new and used gauges. We issue comprehensive calibration certificate showing gauge tolerances and actual gauge sizes which is fully traceable to NABL Calibration is carried out in Temperature controlled calibration laboratory, using state of art instruments. . We provide Calibration services for Thread Plug and Thread Ring Gauges up to 300 mm, specifying Major Diameter, Effective Diameter, Minor Diameter, Pitch, Flank Angle and Hardness.